Medical Menu

All sessions will start with some history taking and basic physical observation. 

Procedures & investigations:


Forced Feminisation

General observations (blood pressure, reflex check, blood glucose levels, temperature)

Shaving and Procedure Prep

Bed Bath

Sensation Play: Hot & Cold, Wax, Pinwheel

Nipple Play: Clamps, Forceps, Suction

Urethral Sounding (Hegar, Van Buren, Rosebud)


Chastity Measuring & Fitting

Needle Play (Cock/Balls/Nipples/Crown of thorns)

Blood letting (IV blood giving)

Breath Control & Rebreathing


Scrotal Infusions

Prostate Examination / Cavity Search / Anal Investigation / Stretching 

Prostate Massage

Enforced Milking

Ejaculate Collection & Analysis

Electro therapy

Erostek (bands around cock/Butt plug/Sounds)

TENS Machine

Violet Wand Therapy 

Rubber Bag & Straight Jacket Therapy

Role Play / Scenarios

Possible Scenarios:

New Prisoner Health Screen (General observations, strip and cavity search, restraints)

Interrogation & Removal of alien anal probe 

Patient 0 – Matron will experiment and run tests of her choice 

The Matron loves role play sessions. Bespoke scenarios / sessions are available