Catheterisation play

MedFet Catheterisation play or catheter play is where we insert a tube down your urethra, open your bladder and control the flow of urine.

This is a supremely submissive procedure to have, you are literally handing your bodily functions over to Me, your Medical Fetish practitioner!

Without doubt cauterisation play is a very popular part of virtually all of My MedFet play at the Milton Keynes MedFet centre.

However, as ever, I practice Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) play and you will only have a catheter procedure IF you want to have one!

All of My catheters are brand new, they are NOT reused! Every packet comes from a reputable medical reseller and they are sealed sterile.

Of course I only use sterilised lubricant as well.

At the moment I only offer catheterisation for Male patients. Quite simply this is because the equipment needed for female catheter play is a little more different to come by.

If you want to enjoy catheter play, whether you’re experienced or an absolute beginner, please apply for a session at the Milton Keynes MedFet Centre, here:

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