Milton Keynes Medical Mistress
Milton Keynes Medical Mistress

PLEASE NOTE: All medical play is carried out at YOUR OWN risk.

This is strictly a fetish PLAY scenario, none of the services offered by The Matron are the same as professional treatments.

This is for fun and play ONLY.

All equipment and the location are kept to the highest standards and hygiene is a top priority for The Matron.

Clinic Fees:

All consumables are included in the price, which is £200 per hour.

Nurse Kitty is available at the clinic for all sessions and she is an additional £75 per hour.

I now offer basic medical sessions for a single hour. However, some procedures require a minimum of 2 or sometimes 3 hours to be completed. We will discuss this during our initial call together.

I offer a ‘Beginners Medical Session’ covering a wide range of procedures, which lasts for 90 minutes and costs £280.

If you’d like to apply for a session, please complete the application form…