I know a lot of you are curious about the medical fetish scene.

Perhaps you’re new to kink and a dungeon setting doesn’t appeal as much as a white room does?
Perhaps you already know you love Med Fet and you are looking to continue your journey?
Maybe you’re just curious 🤷‍♀️

Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you’re here.

So, you’ve applied via the Mistress Medical site and had the call to discuss your appointment with Matron. Remember, safe, sane and consensual. I will need to know your experience, if you have any, your limits and what you’d like to explore together. I like you to address Me as Matron but I also don’t mind Mistress or Miss. What I’m interested in is forming a connection with you and as long as you are respectful we will get along just fine.

You arrive at My private car park with a mixture of excitement, nervousness and anticipation. It’s discreet and located in the beautiful countryside. The door is unlocked ready for you and you walk in and meet Matron. I’m wearing black lingerie covered by a short dark navy nurse dress that’s been carefully tailored to Matron’s specifications. (I have many styles of nurse dresses and tunics but this dress is iconic to My nursing career).

You are shown into My medical room. The walls are crisp white, numerous work surfaces, a sink and a vintage theatre bed prepared with sheets and a pillow. Nurse Kitty is standing by the drip stand and smiling.

“Strip and place all of your clothes in the box. Nurse Kitty will take your coat.”

We watch you get undressed. Nurse Kitty wearing a matching outfit to mine and holding a clipboard. Your weight is recorded and you are helped into a patient gown. You are My patient now and you will undertake and endure the treatments I have prepared.

“Sit on the bed, I want to complete your general observations and explain your treatment plan.”

“Today we will be doing an enema followed by some anal stretching. It may be necessary to sedate you during the stretch and other points during the examination. Nurse Kitty and I may need to work on you at the same time, just relax.

I would like to examine your penis and stretch your urethra. Then we can look at your catheterisation. I will need to sound you to ascertain your catheter size. There may be additional tests and Kitty will provide support for you. Electrical therapy will be used. I will obtain a semen sample for laboratory testing.

It’s ok, I will take you step by step. Now lay down on the bed I want to restrain you. It’s time to begin.”


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