Introducing the Serious Kit Rubber Room
Milton Keynes Medical Mistress Serious Kit play sessions.

We have just opened the ‘Edison Suite’ dedicated to rubber and our amazing ‘serious kit’ mega suit. Be under no illusions! There are other manufacturers out there that make poor imitations of the Serious Kit products, but they pale in comparison. Serious Kit are the original and the best! I will have a new website […]

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Anal MedFet investigations
Milton Keynes Medical Strap on play

Whether we use a strap on, electrics, fist… the therapy will definitely be tailored to the experience of the patient. If you are new to the clinic and have never visited a professional Medical Mistress before, don’t panic. You are in safe hands. I was a nurse in the NHS for 20 years and still […]

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Procedures available at the Milton Keynes Clinic
Milton Keynes Medical Mistress

I offer an Authentic Medical Experience. As a nurse in the NHS for over 20 years (I still hold My validation), you are in safe hands! Basic ObservationsShaving and WaxingBlood PressureVenus 2000 milkingNipple Play Orgasm Control Urology Forceps & StretchingForeskin Inspection & RetractionElectro Stimulation TherapyEnemasUrethral Sounds Testicle Manipulation Penis Manipulation Needle Play Anal examination, Stretching, […]

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