Hello June!

MedFet doubles with Madame Li Ying So, I recently did My first set of doubles with the AMAZING Madame Li Ying. We’ve spent some time together before, but this is the first time we’ve offered double Domme sessions together. Unfortunately, all of our MedFet doubles sessions sold out within a matter of hours, they were […]

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A little update for you all!

I made a little promise to Myself a little while back, that I would do a ‘news’ blog every month and keep you all up to date with everything that’s going on at the Milton Keynes MedFet Clinic. However, sadly, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it. I will try and do […]

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ABDL – Adult baby Med-Fet sessions
Milton Keynes Medical Mistress

Many of My patients are expressing an interest in ABDL play in the Med-Fet room. I have seen several ABDL clients in the clinic and everyone, especially Me have had a fantastic time and I would love to get more involved in the Adult Baby scene! If this of interest to you, perhaps you’d like […]

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Medical Mistress – Perfect for Oxford.

While the MedFet clinic is in Milton Keynes, we’re perfectly placed for Oxford. It’s just a 30 minute drive to the clinic doors. I have plenty of private parking and the clinic is very discreet. At the clinic, we’re able to offer: If you’re based in Oxford, why not pop up and see Me for […]

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‘The Best in the Business’

A submissive told Me recently that ‘I’m the Best in the Business.’ Albeit he’s a MedFet slut! But it got Me thinking, what does the best mean and why am I so successful? I like to think that I am the best at what I do. There are a lot of excellent Mistresses out there […]

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New MedFet LoyalFans

Introducing MedFet LoyalFans! Many of you will know that I currently run a LoyalFans, but it was a combination of both dungeon AND MedFet content. It has led to some confusion; The dungeon lovers only really want to see dungeon content and the MedFet lovers only want to see MedFet content… I guess in retrospect […]

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Introducing the Serious Kit Rubber Room
Milton Keynes Medical Mistress Serious Kit play sessions.

We have just opened the ‘Edison Suite’ dedicated to rubber and our amazing ‘serious kit’ mega suit. Be under no illusions! There are other manufacturers out there that make poor imitations of the Serious Kit products, but they pale in comparison. Serious Kit are the original and the best! I will have a new website […]

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Anal MedFet investigations
Milton Keynes Medical Strap on play

Whether we use a strap on, electrics, fist… the therapy will definitely be tailored to the experience of the patient. If you are new to the clinic and have never visited a professional Medical Mistress before, don’t panic. You are in safe hands. I was a nurse in the NHS for 20 years and still […]

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Milton Keynes MedFet clinic update – April

If you follow Me on Twitter, you’ll have seen that most of March I was really ill. I had a terrible case of flu and then I had to get My year accounts done. But you’re not here to read about My health and accounts, how boring is that??? So what stuff has been happening […]

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