You have arrived at the MedFet Clinic
Medical Mistress in Milton Keynes - The Matron is Milton Keynes' finest Medfet practioner. Visit her in her well equipped hygenic clinic

I know a lot of you are curious about the medical fetish scene. Perhaps you’re new to kink and a dungeon setting doesn’t appeal as much as a white room does?Perhaps you already know you love Med Fet and you are looking to continue your journey?Maybe you’re just curious 🤷‍♀️ Whatever it is, it doesn’t […]

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Strap-On and Pegging Medication

Strap on and Pegging medication play are a huge part of what I offer in the Milton Keynes Medfet Clinic. Medical Fetish and anal play are a form of MedFet play that I get a huge amount of pleasure from. DON’T panic if you are an absolute newbie and you’ve never taken anything ‘up there’ […]

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Anal MedFet investigations
Milton Keynes Medical Strap on play

Whether we use a strap on, electrics, fist… the therapy will definitely be tailored to the experience of the patient. If you are new to the clinic and have never visited a professional Medical Mistress before, don’t panic. You are in safe hands. I was a nurse in the NHS for 20 years and still […]

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Procedures available at the Milton Keynes Clinic
Milton Keynes Medical Mistress

I offer an Authentic Medical Experience. As a nurse in the NHS for over 20 years (I still hold My validation), you are in safe hands! Basic ObservationsShaving and WaxingBlood PressureVenus 2000 milkingNipple Play Orgasm Control Urology Forceps & StretchingForeskin Inspection & RetractionElectro Stimulation TherapyEnemasUrethral Sounds Testicle Manipulation Penis Manipulation Needle Play Anal examination, Stretching, […]

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MedFet Catheterisation play

MedFet Catheterisation play or catheter play is where we insert a tube down your urethra, open your bladder and control the flow of urine. This is a supremely submissive procedure to have, you are literally handing your bodily functions over to Me, your Medical Fetish practitioner! Without doubt cauterisation play is a very popular part […]

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Milton Keynes MedFet clinic

I just wanted to take a bit of time to explain a little bit about My space, that I am now calling the ‘Milton Keynes MedFet clinic’. Catchy title isn’t it? I get a lot of questions about Me and the clinic from MedFet lovers all over the world, especially on FetLife for some reason. […]

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Enema play at the Milton Keynes Medfet Clinic

Rest assured that your enema will be administered by Matron personally. A genuine healthcare professional and previously an NHS nurse with over 20 years of experience. To book YOUR enema play MedFet session in the clinic, please apply for a session by completing the form here:

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Introducing Nurse Kitty

Nurse Kitty is now available full time at the Milton Keynes Medfet clinic. She is available as an assistant nurse to help Me with our procedures, an extra pair of hands to ensure that the appointment goes as planned. Or… Perhaps kitty will be a patient alongside you; watch as she has to endure her […]

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E-stim or Electric Medfet play

E-stim or Electric Medfet play is when I use electricity to create gentle tingles or intense buzzes throughout your body, depending on your experience and My mood! Safety First! E-stim or electric play is absolutely NOT suitable for anyone with a heart condition, whether that be a current or an existing condition. This is non-negotiable. […]

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