Needless to say I LOVE medical play, it is a personal passion of mine. I love the drama, the theatre of medfet, the outfits, the procedures, it all excites me in many ways.

These are just some of the services offered at the clinic:

Initial Examination

Before most sessions, The Matron will conduct an ‘Initial examination’. This will include noting your height, weight, blood pressure, reflex testing, penis and testicle palpation and other checks, all of which will be noted in The Matrons little black book.

Medfet Bondage

You will be restrained for all of your procedures. We can’t have you squiggling and squirming while Matron completes her treatments. For those who really can’t contain themselves a straitjacket latex bodybag may be utilised.


Some of the procedures require that the patient has all or partial genital shaving before or during a procedure.

Strap-on Therapy

Many treatments need to be administered anally. You’ll find that Matron enjoys treating you with her excellent range of strap-ons.


The Matron knows what is best for you, and she can’t have you getting all wound up, while she is treating you. Chastity is an effective method for ensuring compliance.

Discipline Therapy

Needless to say some patients just can’t behave themselves. The Matron has several methods to ensure you are on your very best behaviour.

Penile Dysfunction Treatment

The Matron has a range of pumps and milkers, including the Venus 2000 kit to help you with your inability to gain or maintain an erection.

Sensory Deprivation

The Matron specialises in sensory deprivation treatment. She has a range of latex and hoods to ensure you are cut off from the world while you receive your treatment.

Rectal Exam

A full internal examination both manual and with relevant medical equipment.

Anal Dilation

There are many ways The Matron can dilate your anal passage, often we start with butt plugs and dildos and then work our way up.

Electric Therapy

The Matron has a range of e-stim machines for both internal and external use. Often used in conjunction with sensory deprivation treatments.

Urethral Sounds

The Matron has three sets of sounds for urethral play.

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